How to Use POOMEN 

- Chose the shortest length 
- Connect to discharge tube
- Close the Camlocks
- Roll out flat and straight with few bends
- Do not fold - it will block the flow
- Twist elbow seal into sewer adapter 
- Keep black tank closed
- Dump and flush with greywater
- Rinse with fresh water before storing
- Roll up and connect both ends
- Close and secure the discharge tube with Camlock cap
- For travel, insert security pin
- During frosty weather, keep tap flowing
- Go! Explore!

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POOMEN Discharge Hose for Mobile Professionals
Compact Heavy Duty Lay Flat Drain Sewer Hose

For videos and pre-orders klick here:

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3" x 6' / 7.6 x 183cm
3" x 12' / 7.6 x 366cm
3" x 18' / 7.6 x 549cm

Hose Inside Diameter: 3 in/76.2 mm

Flat Width: 4.8 in/123 mm

The POOMEN discharge hose is made of a similar material as is used in harsh mining environments. The inside of the hose is amazingly smooth and yields extremely low friction so nothing can get stuck. Everything stays clean. Because storage space comes at a premium in mobile applications, the hose can be rolled up to a compact package for storage.

The extra-heavy-duty construction is based on very strong 0.04 in/1.0 mm PVC walls (40 mils). Reinforced high-strength Polyester fiber that is circularly braided makes the POOMEN discharge hose incredibly durable, corrosion-proof, chemical resistant, and burst-proof. With a temperature range from 5°F to 149°F (-15°C to 65°C), it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Installation is super easy with 2 all-stainless steel clamps that are used to connect hose and standard adaptors or pipes (sold separately).

Measure your equipment outlet to ensure proper fit before ordering. It must be 3 in / 76.2 mm or less.

The POOMEN discharge hose is versatile: it can not only be used as a discharge hose for mobile applications but also for mining, farm irrigation, construction, and in quarries as a backwash hose, for cleaning-out filters, pumping of fluids, or for draining swimming pools, and many other applications with a maximum pressure of 3 bar.

For videos and pre-orders, klick here:

Just launched on Kickstarter

Why chose POOMEN over any other discharge hose?

- Mobile professionals and full time-RVers typically go through multiple discharge hoses each year. The cost add up. 
- If you want to hook up to a sewer at the wrong side of the vehicle, you will need to carry an entire compartment full of sewer hoses 
- Standard hoses are easily damaged and often leak. 
- Sun exposure ages them prematurely, and they simply fail in cold weather 
- Typical sewer hoses get discharge material stuck inside 
- The internal hose wire can rust, and the hose material can easily be punctured 
- Stepping on the old type of sewer hose can permanently damage it - old sewer hoses sooner or later lead to a disgusting disaster. 

- POOMEN discharge hoses are built to last, with strong materials that are used in harsh mining operations 
- You can step or bike over the POOMEN hose 
- You can expose the POOMEN to cold and heat 
- They are meant to be used as intended without deteriorating. POOMEN hoses are built to take a beating (within reason, please). 
- The POOMEN discharge hose is completely smooth inside. Nothing can get stuck. It is always clean. 
- Since the POOMEN hose has no skeleton, the outside can also be cleaned easily.
- POOMEN discharge hoses are compatible with traditional sewer hose connectors of most brands (POOMEN connectors do NOT fit on traditional sewer hoses). 


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